The overwhelming sense of responsibilty sometimes corners you. Life lifts you off your feet and threatens you while responsibilty smirks and continues to rummage through your wallet.

Responsibility comes in the form of many things:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Job
  • Honor
  • Dignity
  • Dog
  • Cat

The list can go on for miles. This list varies upon person. The weight of each responsibility also varies as some place their job higher because the weight (value) of their family is dependent upon it.

In the military, responsibility stares you in the face. In the form of young proud individuals donning the same uniform as you. The difference is the weight of their lives are held by the key decisions you make. The military isn't much different from the civilian world. The price is far greater but then again the determined value percieved by the individuals changes the stakes.

This is actually the start of a story. Not a very good start. The original introduction started with one word.


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