Get Stabbed

You roam the streets at night unable to sleep. You turn down unfamiliar streets and pass your average pimp standing with his prostitute. You see a homeless man rummaging through the trash without a shy of dignity. As you wait at the light, you picture yourself sitting at the bench next to him. The only care in your mind is that nobody steals the dollar you've been carrying for the past 2 years. Its value is far greater to you than that of what society perceives. Its- A honk drags you back to reality. A green light stares you in the face menacingly. Waiting for your next move. You hit the gas and your mind races with each approaching street sign. Turtle Avenue. Sam Street. Huttlebriar. Nonsense. You don't know what you're looking for. You're hoping it finds you. Whatever it is, it better present itself soon because you're getting sleepy. You stop at a stop sign. A blur of movement catches your eye as you see a shadow dart against the side of a house. Your car door opens and you are thrust into the cold night air. A sharp pain creeps up your side as the asphalt rises to greet your face.

Red lights wave goodbye as your car vanishes down the street then turns a sharp corner and vanishes. This is what you were looking for. Something different. A way out. They say if you go looking for trouble, you'd find it. You weren't 100 percent sure what you wanted but you were satisfied with the painful results. Shaken, you struggle to lift the pathetic heap you've become to be. The sharp pain in your side reintroduces itself. You wince in pain and bring your hand down to your side. You feel warmth. You've been stabbed. Now, you feel alive.

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